Stephen Curry via Golden State Warriors YouTube

Golden State Warriors point guard and four-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry claims that President Donald Trump has a tone of divisiveness that he doesn’t believe has a place in the United States of America.

Stephen Curry via Golden State Warriors YouTube

Curry spoke with Rolling Stone telling the outlet, “Take Trump seriously? Of course. Most of his rhetoric — before he was president, during his four years, and even now, if he tries to run again — has a tone of divisiveness that doesn’t have a place in our country.”

He added, “As serious and loud as the threat is of him or whoever else is running for office, there’s a similar urgency and a loudness that’s necessary on the other side.”

Stephen Curry via Golden State Warriors YouTube

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Not only does Curry believe Trump’s rhetoric and tone is divisive, a threat, and has no place in the United States, he also seemingly indicated his political positions change in the wind depending on what’s in the news.

He explained, “You’re growing and evolving on the same page as these national, politicized conversations, but it doesn’t have to be sides.”

“What I try to do is be real, but also activate conversation that is sometimes uncomfortable,” he elaborated.

Stephen Curry via Golden State Warriors YouTube

To highlight just how easily swayed Curry is when it comes to his positions, the Rolling Stone article notes Curry received a phone call from Barack Obama chiding him about his comments about the moon landing being fake.

Curry appeared on the Winging It Podcast where he asked, “We ever been to the moon?” After the rest of the group replied no, Curry concurred saying, “They gonna come get us. I don’t think so either.”

He then added, “Sorry, I don’t want to start any conspiracies.”

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According to Curry, Obama called him after making the comments and informed him that man did land on the moon and scolded him saying, “You’ve got to do something about this.”

It’s after being scolded by Obama that he hosted a 15-minute Instagram Live discussion with an astronaut. He also created a pair of moon landing inspired sneakers with Under Armour.

Shortly after making the comments he also publicly apologized, “I had an opportunity to talk to somebody that’s very well knoweldged in that industry. One to express apologies and regret of how this all happened. But again the learning experience for me in terms of where — hopefully I will have that experience at the Lunar Labs and all that type of stuff will be dope.”

“Hopefully, this all gets behind us because it’s very — it is what it is,” he concluded.

Not only did Curry indicate he sways with the wind when it comes to political and even non-political statements, he also made it clear he’s willing to sacrifice what principles he has for a political candidate.

He discussed endorsing Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention saying, “We weren’t sure, more so from a faith perspective, especially around abortion.”

Nevertheless, he explained, “When you endorse a president, you have a lot of noise comin’ at you: ‘Daughter killer! Baby killer!’ . . . That’s the fine line of knowing the beast of politics, where, especially when we’re talking about presidential elections, being active is more important than the understanding that, with every candidate, there’s not a full, down-the-ballot agreement on everything that they do.”

Stephen Curry via Golden State Warriors YouTube

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Bishop Rene Henry Gracida notes that it is possible for Christians to vote for a pro-abortion candidate for another reason other than their pro-abortion stance, but notes “it is considered material cooperation.”

First the Bishop notes that reasons commonly given to vote for a pro-abortion candidate are not sufficient, “None of the reasons commonly suggested could even begin to be proportionate enough to justify a Catholic voting for such a candidate. Reasons such as the candidate’s position on war, or taxes, or the death penalty, or immigration, or a national health plan, or social security, or aids, or homosexuality, or marriage, or any similar burning societal issues of our time are simply lacking in proportionality.

He then details the one reason that could justify a Christian voting for such a candidate, “There is only one thing that could be considered proportionate enough to justify a Catholic voting for a candidate who is known to be pro-abortion, and that is the protection of innocent human life. That may seem to be contradictory, but it is not.”

Stephen Curry via Golden State Warriors YouTube

As for Curry’s comments regarding Trump they are not out of the ordinary. Back in 2017, he described the then sitting President as an “a**.”

Following an interview that Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank gave with CNBC describing President Trump as an “asset” to the country, Curry shared his thoughts with The Mercury News saying, “I agree with that description if you remove the ‘et.”

Stephen Curry via Golden State Warriors YouTube

What do you make of Curry’s recent comments about President Donald Trump and his political opinions?

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