Dan Jackson via Vanderbilt Athletics YouTube

Vanderbilt University announced that Assistant Football Coach Dan Jackson will take a “step back” from coaching duties as the university conducts an investigation into a Facebook comment supporting Kanye West.

Dan Jackson via Vanderbilt Athletics YouTube

Twitter account StopAntisemitism shared a video of a Facebook post and its replies that showed Jackson responding to a post made by KaRee’Bo Adams who wrote, “Kanye’s post outrage, Epstein’s actions quiet; Kyrie post outrage, Brett Favre’s actions quiet…. I find myself asking society the same thing as I ask of the NFL can we get some consistency in the calls?!?! Unless the controlling powers at be prefer the disparity, and I know most can’t/won’t admit that. To admit that would mean that Kanye was right.”

Jackson replied, “Kanye is two steps ahead of everyone. He’s not crazy. People try to silence him because he thinks for himself. People don’t want that. Rappers and athletes are taught they need to think the same as the media/politicians. If they have an opinion that is opposite the mainstream, they’re called crazy. More people need to wake up and speak their mind.”

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The organization specifically targeted Jackson due to the fact he’s the Defensive Backs coach for Vanderbilt writing on Twitter, “We are extremely concerned to see Vanderbilt University’s Assistant Football Coach – Dan Jackson – defend Kanye West’s antisemitism on a Facebook thread, stating people need to wake up.”

They then questioned, “Wake up to what exactly? Kanye’s ongoing peddling that Jews control the world?!”

The organization then shared a screenshot of Jackson’s comment alongside a screenshot of a Vanderbilt Athletics’ website highlighting him as the Defensive Backs coach for the football team.

StopAntisemitism Twitter

Jackson quickly issued an apology for the comment to Twitter. He wrote, “I want to sincerely apologize for recent comments that I made on social media. While it was certainly not my intent to offend, my wording was careless, and it was in poor judgment to wade into such a discussion without the full context. My comments were in no way reflective of our program or university and I accept full responsibility for my words and will learn from this experience going forward.”

He added, “To be clear, antisemitism has no place in our society, and I reject all forms of hate. I’m embarrassed by my mistake but proud to work at a diverse institution where we can learn from each other’s cultures. I promise to be better moving forward for myself, our program, and our institution.”

Dan Jackson Twitter

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Vanderbilt Athletic Director Candice Storey Lee and Head Coach Clark Lea issued a joint statement following Jackson’s apology.

The statement begins, “We are aware of concerns raised today relating to a social post by a member of our staff. Although we have been assured these comments were not directed at any specific group, we are deeply disappointed by this situation and are handling it internally.”

“The university and its athletics program are committed to creating and fostering a welcoming environment for all where differences are respected and all members of our community feel equal, valued and included,” it continued.

The statement concluded, “Please know that we reject antisemitism and discrimination in all its forms.”

Candice Storey Lee & Clark Lea Twitter

Fox News reports that not only is the university conducting an investigation into the Facebook comment, but “the Equal Opportunity and Access office has also been notified of the situation and is handling the review.”

The accusations of anti-Semitism leveled at Jackson by Stop Antisemitism appear to stem from social media posts made by Kanye West over the past month.

On Twitter West wrote, “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3  On JEWISH PEOPLE  The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

Kanye West Twitter

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West also showed support for Kyrie Irving after the media attacked him as an anti-Semite simply for sharing a link to a film that is available on Amazon.

On November 3rd, he shared a photo of Irving.

Kanye West Twitter

He then shared a clip of Irving defending himself from the media attacks and captioned it, “JOHN 19:19 ‘And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS'”

Responding to the Nets’ indefinite suspension of Irving, West wrote, “This in not hate We are love God is love”

Kanye West Twitter

What do you make of Vanderbilt conducting an investigation into the Facebook post?

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