Boxer Ebanie Bridges Fires Back At Opponent Shannon O’Connell Over ‘Skanky Stripper’ Remark Ahead Of Fight

Ebanie Bridges via Intu Boxing YouTube

Australian Ebanie “Blonde Bomber” Bridges isn’t holding back her thoughts after being called a “skanky stripper” by upcoming opponent Shannon O’Connell, who she’ll be facing this Sunday in England.

Ebanie Bridges via ReactQ 2 YouTube

“I don’t know that I’d call her a beauty queen, more of a skanky stripper or something,” O’Connell said of Bridges, who is notorious for wearing lingerie and striking model poses during weigh-ins prior to fights. When asked during an interview of O’Connell’s insults we’re getting to to, Bridges said she rather took the nasty remark in stride.

“The skanky stripper thing – I’m was gonna get shirts made up that say ‘skanky stripper’,” replied Bridges. “I wonder how you’re gonna explain that you got beat by a skanky stripper that doesn’t take the sport seriously?”

Shannon O’Connell via Boxing Social YouTube

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The highly anticipated fight between Ebanie Bridges (8-1, 3 KO) and Shannon “Shotgun” O’Connell (23-6-1, 11 KO), who will be battling for the IBF bantamweight title has been a bout fans have demanded for some time. The feuding nature between the two female boxers has grown more intense the past few months.

Bridges is accustomed to the negativity that is often aimed at her more performative weigh-ins, especially since O’Connell has repeatedly made other comments in the past about Bridges behaving like a ‘stripper’ instead of a professional boxer.

“I don’t like the way Ebanie has gone about things,” O’Connell had said in a prior interview.

Ebanie Bridges via iFL TV YouTube

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“If you look back 10 years ago… (female boxers) never got recognized, we went on all the amateur tournaments and tours, we paid our own way, there was no respect in the sport for women,” she continued.

“No matter what – look at (Floyd) Mayweather, he’s incredible, he still has so many haters,” said Bridges. “Everyone has haters. (Alvarez) Canelo has haters. Clarissa Shields has haters. Some people just hate.

“The real people, the people that understand boxing, that know boxing, that don’t have some personal vendetta, they can see the truth of me, they can see what I’ve done and what I am, and that’s all that matters.”

Maria Cecilia Roman vs. Ebanie Bridges via DAZN Boxing YouTube

Bridges concluded, “To think that I’m just a gimmick because I have a huge social media following and I’m great at my self-promotion, so that means I mustn’t be working hard in the gym, I mustn’t be able to box or I don’t take it seriously.”

Who do you think will win during this Sunday’s bout? Let us know in the comments below.

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