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Right now, Ja Morant is playing some terrific basketball for the Memphis Grizzlies. The 23-year-old star is currently averaging 27.1 points per game and 8.2 assists on a team that’s currently 38-23 and one of the top teams in the NBA’s Western Conference.

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If things were as simple as winning and losing, then Morant wouldn’t have too many problems. Unfortunately, an incident off the court could have serious legal implications for the Murray State alum. An alleged assault at a sneaker store, along with some serious threats of further violence, are dark clouds hanging over the shining star’s head right now.

According to the Washington Post, a police report last year accused Motrant of punching a 17-year-old, although his agent says the rising NBA star acted in self-defense. No criminal charges were filed against Morant in the incident, which took place during a pickup basketball game at Morant’s house near Memphis in July 2022.

In the filing, the unidentified teenage boy said Morant punched him between “12-13 times”.

Ja Morant via Malika Andrews- ESPN YouTube

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For his part, Morant is claiming that the boy was the one who became aggressive. He says that the teen threw a basketball at his head and showed signs that he wanted to fight, according to the Washington Post story.

Morant, 23, told police that the boy said he was “gonna come back and light this place up like fireworks.” Morant then filed a police report about the youngster’s threats.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has not commented on any of these allegations as of yet. However, it’s believed that Morant could be facing an indefinite suspension from the league if any of the accusations against him are proven to be true. In light of events off the court, the NBA has in recent years adhered to a strict no-tolerance policy regarding violent crimes.

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