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Derek Carr just finished agreeing to a monstrous free agent deal to depart Las Vegas and take over the controls of the offense in New Orleans. But the NFL veteran didn’t stop there this week. He had some comical commentary regarding the happenings in the XFL on Sunday.

Carr commented on a helmet-tossing brawl that broke out between the DC Defenders and the St. Louis Battlehawks in Week 3 of the XFL’s newest reboot. While the team from Our Nation’s Capital would get a 38-28 victory, they had to fight for it… Literally.

XFL Week Three Brawl: Good or Bad for the League?

St. Louis Battlehawks And DC Defenders brawl via NFL Reports YouTube

In the second half of the game, both sides were growing weary in what had been a tight contest. Following a play, St. Louis and D.C. players started yelling and shoving. Then, a few helmets started flying.

Things escalated to the point that three ejections were issued. On the Defenders, No. 43 DL Francis Bernard and No. 73 OL Rod Taylor, along with No. 23 St. Louis running back Brian Hill, were all kicked out over their participation in the melee.

Derek Carr went on social media and comically said that the players who engaged in the fight should be forced to wrestle The Rock as part of their punishment.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson led a group that has helped re-start the XFL after it suspended operations indefinitely in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before becoming one of the world’s highest-paid actors, The Rock thrived as a WWE Superstar. Prior to that, he had been a defensive lineman at The University of Miami and was part of the 1991 NCAA Championship team as a Hurricane. When his pro career didn’t pan out, he turned to the career that made his father, Rocky Johnson, famous. Finally, after racking up a resume of huge arena gates and pay-per-view buys, The Rock would pack up his electrufying eyebrow and head out to Hollywood.

It’s been a good week for the whimsical Carr. He’s got reason to be in a great mood, considering he just signed a four-year deal that could be worth up to $150 million and includes up to $100 million in guarantees. He will join the Saints following nine seasons as the starter for the Raiders.

He had been viewed as one of the top signal callers on the market this offseason. Now that he’s acclimating himself with the Bayou, teams in need of a quarterback have turned their attention towards trading for Packers all-time great Aaron Rodgers or signing a free agent like Jimmy Garropolo or Carson Wentz.

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