Conor McGregor Answers Michael Chandler’s Claim That He Would Beat Him “Within An Inch Of His Career”

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Conor McGregor has been readying himself for a return to The Octagon, and his next opponent, Michael Chandler, is already throwing verbal bombs in his direction.

Conor McGregor at UFC 279 via UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

McGregor, who hasn’t fought since back-to-back losses to Dustin Poirier in 2021, is expected to face off with Chandler sometime later this year. With the two combatants on a collision course both in the Octagon as well as rival coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, Chandler felt the need to rile up the veteran UFC superstar.

“These big fight nights always make me want to fight so bad. Can’t wait to go out there and beat Conor McGregor within an inch of his career. #UFC287”, Chandler posted on Twitter on Saturday night.

Michael Chandler Twitter

The Tweet didn’t go unnoticed by The Notorious One, who is known as one of the great trash talkers in not only UFC but the entire sporting world, as well. Conor McGregor shut down Chandler, in a cool and casual way, with a one-line response.

“I sweat you, and all of you, not one iota,” he replied.

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The showdown will feature one of the true legends of UFC taking on the former Mizzou amateur wrestling star, Chandler, in a terrific contrast of styles. When you factor in the layoff for McGregor, and the fact that he’s returning from a horrific broken leg, the veteran would most likely go into the fight as the underdog.

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Conor McGregor (22-6)  is one of the greatest MMA fighters ever. He’s the first competitor ever to simultaneously hold championships in two different weight classes. He also achieved worldwide fame as the sport’s biggest draw, including a monstrous crossover battle on pay-per-view against boxing star Floyd Mayweather. It’s reported that McGregor earned $130 million for their 2017 battle.

McGregor has also made numerous appearances in mainstream media. Due to his gregarious personality, he’s a favorite on the talk show circuit and starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in a 2022 remake of the classic 80s film, Road House. His endorsements include a clothing line and a brand of whiskey.

Conor McGregor at UFC 279 via UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

For Chandler, a win over McGregor would not only give him an edge in the rankings, but it would also raise his profile as a box office draw. The bout between the contenders is believed to be planned for sometime later this year with both August and September mentioned.

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