WATCH: LA Angels Anthony Rendon Suspended After Taking Swing At Alleged Heckler

Anthony Rendon via masn Nationals YouTube

The scene on Opening Day for the Los Angeles Angels should have been like any other in Major League Baseball. All the fanfare and luster that we have seen for over 100 years culminate in yet another promising season on the diamond.

Anthony Rendon via Los Angeles Angles YouTube

While that serene scene would have been pleasant, things got a little ugly at the conclusion of the Oakland Athletics’ 2-1 victory on Thursday. As their opponent, the Los Angeles Angels made their way to the clubhouse following the game, Anthony Rendon took exception to something a fan was saying. Things quickly escalated from there.

As the team was making their way to the clubhouse following the game, Rendon grabbed an A’s fan who had reportedly been heckling him. He stated that the man had been calling him a “b**ch.”

Video of the incident shows the fan, dressed in A’s colors, approach the railing as Anthony Rendon turns toward him. The player then appears to yell at the man, grabbing his shirt and swiping wildly at his ballcap.

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According to, Rendon was initially suspended for five games, but it was reduced to four games after he chose not to appeal. Rendon will be out for the team’s current series in Seattle, as well as Friday’s home opener with the Blue Jays.

TMZ also reported Rendon is under a police investigation with an Oakland Police Department spokesman telling the outlet, “Although we are still unaware who the victim is urveillance video of the incident has surfaced. As a result, OPD created an incident, made a report, and is actively investigating.”

Local authorities also issued the following statement, as reported by a local affiliate, NBC Bay Area,”The Oakland Police Department (OPD) is investigating a battery that occurred on March 30, 2023, following an event that occurred on the 7000 block of Joe Morgan Way. At this time, no victim has contacted OPD, however, surveillance video of the incident has surfaced. As a result, OPD created an incident, made a report, and is actively investigating.”

Anthony Rendon via LA PostExaminer YouTube

Angels manager Phil Nevin told that Rendon is “remorseful for everything that happened.”

He added, “This doesn’t at all change how I feel about him as a person. … He’s a great leader on our team and he has accepted responsibility as a good leader.”

Phil Nevin via Bà Tiên Vlog YouTube

Rendon also revealed he spoke to the man on the phone and the two apologized. He said, “y emotions got the best of me. I’m usually pretty good about interacting with fans … have fun with it. But the gentleman [and I], we spoke on the phone, and we both apologized about what had happened.”

He added, “And so we’re both ready to move forward.”

Anthony Rendon in 2021 Photo Credit: Dinur Blum, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Anthony Rendon signed with the Angels prior to the 2020 season, following a World Series victory with the Washington Nationals just a few months earlier. He is a career .284 hitter and a two-time NL Silver Slugger Award winner. Prior to his pro career, he was a standout star at Rice University.

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