WATCH: Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher Zac Gallen’s Pre-Game Pitch Blasts A Bird Mid-Air

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have gone bird-hunting for the second time in team history. This time, it was right-handed pitcher Zac Gallen who hit a fine-feathered friend in mid-air with a pitch on Wednesday.

Zac Gallen

Zac Gallen via MLB YouTube

Gallen was warming up prior to the Snakes’ game in his throwing session. While it was speculated it might have been a slider that caused the splat, Gallen insists it was a curve that crushed the bird. The end result was the same nonetheless. The victim was pronounced dead on arrival.

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“I don’t really know what happened, honestly,” Gallen said later. “I just know that the ball changed directions really. I saw what happened. It’s kind of a freak accident. It’s unfortunate.”

And while no one was laughing at how the poor fowl ran afoul of Zac Gallen’s pitch, it didn’t incite a few jokes. Along with a handful of chuckles and bad puns like the ones seen here. However, it also harkened back to another famous time when another frequent flyer got dropped by a Diamondback dart.

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Ironically, Hall of Famer Randy Johnson did the exact same thing that Gallen did – while ALSO pitching for Arizona in 2001. That was the same season that the franchise won their first and only World Series, with their ‘pair of aces’ – Johnson and Curt Schilling – leading the way.

Johnson was pitching during a spring training game that year against the San Francisco Giants, and during the seventh inning, a bird flew right in front of home plate during a pitch and was hit by the ball.

Zac Gallen has been a bright spot this season for Arizona. Prior to his run-in with the bird last week, he had posted a 2.35 ERA, a 6-1 record, an NL-best 0.855 WHIP, and 70 strikeouts in 57 1/3 innings across nine starts

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