B2FS 156 | Cris Lencioni vs Drako Rodriguez | B2 Fighting Series

Bellator featherweight Cris Lencioni has been battling in the hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest while training earlier this month. His wife posted the news on his Instagram account on Monday.

Her message read: “This is Cris’ wife, Marca. On Thursday 6/8 there was an incident while Cris was training, and he experienced a cardiac arrest. The athletes at the gym were great and immediately called 911 and did their best to address his needs until paramedics arrived.”

“We are currently in another state. He has been under the care of excellent doctors with I and much of his family by his side. We are all hopeful for the progress we know he will continue to make.”

“Prayers are always welcome – if your kiddos want to make a card or anything like that, bring it to the gym and we will make sure Cris gets it. We are currently in uncharted territory and taking everything day by day. Thank you for the continued support during this time.”

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Nicknamed ‘Sinsine’ the 28-year-old Lencioni was training on June 8 when he collapsed and experienced cardiac arrest, his wife Marca said via the social media message. Paramedics arrived at the training facility, and he was taken to a local hospital. The Bellator fighter has been recovering in the intensive care unit since.

Further specifics about Lencioni’s condition are unknown. For now, it’s a mystery what has gone wrong with a young athlete who was in prime shape. With the recent spate of deaths and anomalies, there was the usual online speculation about vaccines and conspiracy theories popped up here and there.

However, the official word from his promotion is that there is no word. At least, not yet.

“We are aware of Cris Lencioni’s current medical condition and are monitoring the situation closely,” Bellator said in a statement, via ESPN. “We ask you to join us in sending thoughts and prayers to Cris and his family as he navigates his recovery process.”

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