QB Aaron Rodgers OTA Press Conference | New York Jets

After 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers was traded to the Jets in what has already been a historic deal on several levels. For the Pack, it’s a changing of the guard and the start of the Jordan Love era. But for the folks in The Big Apple? It’s a reason to think big. REALLY big.


Much like another former Midwest megastar, Rodgers has taken his talents to a grander stage now. And his arrival in New York is also reminiscent of Lebron James’ free agent move to the Miami Heat in the NBA in 2010. The ripple effect was other major talents – like Chris Bosh – eventually wanting to get in on his South Beach party. The end result was two titles for the team.

Aaron Rodgers seems to have that same magnetic appeal to pro football players who have a desire to win. Especially now, in The City That Never Sleeps, where it appears the stars are aligning for a magical 2023 season.

With several players, including former teammate Allen Lazard, now donning Jets green in order to play alongside the future Hall of Famer, the Jets are suddenly in everyone’s Super Bowl sights. And that’s no exaggeration whatsoever: After finishing 7-10 and in last place in the AFC East in 2022, Rodgers’ new squad is currently listed at +1800. Those are the seventh-best odds in The League right now.

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Although there were rumors that Rodgers had handed the Jets a ‘wish list’ before he even arrived of players he demanded they pursue, that appears to be a little far-fetched. In reality, the team and the QB have both acknowledged that they discussed the immediate outlook, which makes sense considering the window to win won’t be open for very long. Rodgers will turn 40 midway through next season.

With that being said, there appears to be no shortage of names who have thrown their hat in the ring for a roster spot. All-everything wideout Odell Beckham Jr. expressed interest in teaming up with the gunslinger, but he eventually signed with Baltimore, joining QB Lamar Jackson.

Now, there are stories that the top running back out there on the market, Vikings star Dalvin Cook, is looking to become the newest member of the New York Jets. As a member of one of the NFL’s most explosive offenses in 2022, he racked up 8 touchdowns.

If Cook does indeed come into the fold, it will most certainly be because of the Lebron-style attraction that Rodgers possesses, and that air of winning he brings with him. However, there are many experts who say while potentially a ticket to the Big Game, what it will take to add the ‘back might be more than New York is willing to pay.

Still, the Jets have added plenty of extra frontline talent, along with some depth. The addition of Lazard, as well as offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett also formerly from Green Bay, will be an immediate security blanket for the wizened signal caller.

And with Aaron Rodgers in the fold? Fans media, and especially his contemporaries know that the Jets can win any game. Maybe even the Super Bowl.

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