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It seems all but verified that the NFL is about to bring down the hammer on several players who are alleged to have violated League rules by participating in sports betting.

Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers is one of the most prominent names that are reportedly on the list to receive harsh punishment from the Commissioner’s office. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, while Rodgers is the only named player thus far, there are more NFL stars facing year-long suspensions for their actions.

Rodgers has apparently been investigated by the NFL since earlier this month when reports surfaced he might have been involved in “pervasive” betting activities. Those charges included betting on Colts games.

Earlier this year, five other players received various suspensions for violating the NFL’s anti-gambling policy, including Lions’ 2022 first-round pick Jameson Williams. He will miss Detroit’s first six games of 2023.

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These suspensions are not without recent precedent.

Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended for the 2022-23 season for betting on NFL games (a total of just $1,500). So, these players can expect to receive a punishment commensurate with that same standard.

NFL chief compliance officer Sabrina Perel told Yahoo Sports on a league conference call that Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league office are concerned about the overall impression this leaves. Following the last two postseasons, fans have criticized officiating in the game, going so far as to call it ‘fixed’ on social media at times.

With that as a backdrop, this is exactly the wrong kind of perception that the powers-that-be were hoping for right now.

“We’re mindful of just gambling in general and the perception,” Perel said. “Are we doing everything to make sure that there’s no negative association with those individuals both on the actual betting and the potential for the use of inside information?”

For NFL fans hoping to merely see the best team win? That’s the most important question the League must answer.

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