Retired UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Greets Former President Donald Trump In Miami

Jorge Masvidal gives SPEECH supporting Donald Trump | AMBER

Recently retired UFC star Jorge Masvidal is always in the news, regardless if he’s still active in The Octagon or not. ‘Gamebred’ stepped away from action following his loss last month to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 in Miami, but remains wildly popular among fight fans, nonetheless.

Donald Trump and Jorge Masvidal via JasonMillerInDc Twitter

But as far as Masvidal is concerned, he’s a big supporter of someone else: former President Donald J. Trump. The fighter, who amassed a 35-17 record in mixed martial arts, has often praised the previous Commander-in-Chief, even appearing at benefits and making speeches in support of the American political icon.

Masvidal even capped off his career by saluting DJT once more. With Trump in attendance as a guest of Dana White at UFC 287, the fallen warrior proudly called him “the greatest President in the history of the world.”

So, it should come as no surprise that Jorge Masvidal was there to greet one of his favorite people when Trump made a campaign stop in Miami on Tuesday, and of course, someone had a camera there to conveniently record the pleasantries between The Prez and The Pugilist.

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“Where’s Jorge? Come on, Jorge. Let’s get a picture,” Trump said in the video. “Champ. Just don’t fight him.”

Trump was fresh off his arraignment in federal court on Tuesday, but seeing his brawling buddy seemed to lift his spirits. Number 45 continues to battle mounting legal challenges as he continues to campaign for a return to The White House in 2024.

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Trump pleaded not guilty in his federal court case that alleges he stored, “highly sensitive documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate and lied and obstructed when federal officials tried to retrieve them,” according to The Washington Post.

Masvidal has in the past strongly supported Donald Trump throughout his political controversies and allegations, and it appears he’s not backing down even amidst the former POTUS’ second criminal indictment this year.

Just a few weeks ago, he stated that he thought the charges against The Don were “BS” by posting a video to Twitter:

“I just want to talk about something because my family’s lived through it and history has told us this is a play right out of the communist playbook. What they are doing to President Trump has never been done before to a President. For the BS charges that the DA in New York is bringing up. Complete and utter nonsense.”

“Just not too long ago, Bill Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office and absolutely nothing happened, and it just went under the carpet,” Masvidal continued. “And now they are trying to indict this man for something he did before he was President that has nothing to do with anything. Hush money or whatever they want to call it.”

For his part, Masvidal is no stranger to courtrooms himself. He’s currently facing assault charges after he allegedly attacked his UFC rival, Colby Covington, outside of a Papi Steak restaurant in Miami Beach.

It was reported that as Covington was leaving a restaurant, Masvidal approached Covington and hit him two times. It resulted in multiple minor injuries, including Covington breaking a tooth.

Masvidal pleaded not guilty to the charges on April 21, 2022. That case is still awaiting trial, after being delayed last month.

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