John Gotti III goes in to attack Floyd Mayweather post-fight while in the ring via Tatted Up Boxing YouTube

The world of boxing wasn’t too excited for another one of champion Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fights on Sunday, but for those that paid to watch it, they certainly got more than what they paid for at the end of the fight when contender John Gotti III, son of the notorious mob boss John Gotti, attacked Mayweather inside the ring after the referee called an end of to the fight, causing a massive altercation to occur moments later between both fighter’s crews.

John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather via YouTube

The mood inside the ring was already more contentious than most of Mayweather’s recent exhibition fights had been, with both fighters taking their online smack talk into the ring with them, giving referee Kenny Bayless a little more to deal with than what he had probably hoped.

After Bayless stopped the fight after the sixth and final round, things took a violent turn. As seen in the footage, Gotti moves around Bayless after being visibly upset that the fight was over, and began to rush Mayweather as the two began to throw punches at each other until members from both fighter’s teams intervened to separate them, turning the who event into a chaotic circus as both fighters still attempted to move towards each other to continue the fight.

Watch the fight break out below:

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Mayweather and Gotti were eventually taken out of the ring and escorted to their dressing rooms before they each left the FLA Live Arena without any additional altercation.

Since his victory over Conor McGregor in 2017, Mayweather has not participated in any professional boxing matches. With an impressive record of 50 wins and no losses, including 27 knockouts, he has solidified his status as one of the greatest boxers of all time. However, his recent appearances in the ring have primarily been in exhibition bouts against a range of opponents, including Logan Paul and Gotti, all of which have been major pay-per-view success even if they are mostly predictably in their outcomes.

During the bout Gotti though it resulted in a disqualification ruling due Gotti holding Mayweather. Gotti, who was competing in his third boxing match, possesses a professional record of 2 wins and 0 losses. Additionally, he has a mixed martial arts background with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss.

Source: jg3mma Instagram

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While a smart person would put their head down after assaulting someone on live television, post-fight Gotti took to Instagram to post more of his thoughts from the night to his Instagram Stories, obviously relishing in the fact he got a few punches in on Mayweather before the two were separated.

“Punk b%tch Floyd Mayweather you my enemy for life,” said Gotti. One has to wonder whether this was for show or if it is a legitimate feud he’s trying to start. After all, this exhibition fight obviously elevated Gotti’s name recognition as well as gave him perhaps the biggest payday of his young boxing career thus far.

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