Marquise Goodwin
Marquise Goodwin via Cleveland Browns YouTube

Things are off to a terrifying start for Browns receiver Marquise Goodwin, who was medically sidelined after medical experts discovered a series of early-forming blood clots in his legs and lungs.

Marquise Goodwin via Cleveland Browns YouTube

Goodwin was placed on the non-football illness list by staff after he had complained about experiencing severe shortness of breath as well as sharp pain coming from both of his legs. Scans taken shortly after staff were made aware of his pain showed that the blood clots were the cause, and that he’d have to skip the beginning of this season’s training camp in order to receive the attention he needs.

“It was really alarming at first because I’ve experienced injury throughout my career,” said the 32-year-old pro, “but it’s never been anything like this that could turn into something detrimental if it’s not taken care of.

“It was frightening at first,” Goodwin continued, “but now I’m at ease with it. I’ve prayed and just given it over to God. It’s out of my control, and the only thing I can control is my effort and attitude and how I approach each day moving forward.”

Marquise Goodwin and his wife via ESPN YouTube

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While he is certainly eager to get back to training camp, Goodwin knows the severity of this situation and understands this will not be solved overnight.

“It’s one of those things that is totally out of my control, out of the doctor’s control and out of the trainer’s control,” Goodwin said. “It’s really an unfortunate deal we have to deal with, but we need to deal with it in the proper fashion.

“The Browns are doing everything in their power to support me through it by allowing me to be around the team, on the field and in meetings,” he mentioned. “I’m grateful for that, and hopefully this thing gets back under control and I can feel my body and what I need to feel so I can help this team make this run.”

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