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Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac posted on Twitter Tuesday, calling out Charles Barkley over a vicious rant in which the Hall of Famer defended Bud Light from boycotters.

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Barkley had appeared at the American Century Classic golf tournament near Lake Tahoe when he decided to knock “rednecks” and “a*sholes” who refuse to drink Bud Light. This comes as the beer is caught up in a social (and sexual) storm that’s adversely affected its image.

“All you rednecks or a**holes who don’t want to drink Bud Light… f**k y’all,” Barkley loudly ranted in a bar on a live mic. “Hey, y’all can’t cancel me. I ain’t worried about getting canceled. If y’all fire me and give me all that money, I’m going to be playing golf every f**king day.”

Bud Light has been suffering boycotts and a drop in sales after the parent company Anheuser-Busch’s promotion that involved trans performer Dylan Mulvaney. Many domestic beer drinkers, especially conservatives, turned against the product. Because of that sales of Bud Light and its family of products have dropped significantly, reaching as high as 21% at times in Q2 of 2023.

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Notable celebrities like Kid Rock and politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene have spoken out against the fermented flavor. Perhaps that’s what Sir Charles had in mind when he fired off his missive. Nevertheless, it hasn’t gone over well.

Charles Barkley’s take didn’t go unnoticed by Jonathon Isaac, either. The Orlando Magic star has been an outspoken partner in patriotism, even going so far as to launch an anti-woke apparel line earlier this year. He responded to Charles Barkley’s bluster with a little calmer response than the clearly-intoxicated Round Mound of Rebound.

“What does this even mean?” Isaac tweeted. “No one with human decency wants trans or gay people dead or without rights. God bless them all, but it’s 1000% valid as a parent or adult to be concerned about the observable movement to influence children. Is that hateful?”

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Charles Barkley has long been known for his controversial stances on everything from people to politics. His anti-establishment stance was fostered by an ad campaign in which the NBA Hall of Famer professed “I am not a Role Model“. And in this instance – at least in the eyes of people like Jonathan Isaac – no truer words have ever been spoken.

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