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Strap in NASCAR fans, because today we’re here to highlight ten of the most popular drivers that have captured our attention and reminded us why we love being fans in the first place. These drivers have demonstrated tremendous skill, courage, and resilience on the tracks, making them favorites among fans worldwide. So who has made today’s list?

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Jimmie Johnson

This seven-time Cup Series Champion started his racing journey in motocross before making his way to NASCAR. His astounding 83 career wins put him at sixth on NASCAR’s all-time wins list. Johnson, the “Man in Black,” is known for his steady, calm demeanor, but don’t let that fool you.

On the track, he’s all fire and speed. After retiring from full-time NASCAR racing, Johnson switched gears to compete in the IndyCar Series. Despite this change, he has remained actively involved in NASCAR as a team owner.

Kyle Busch

Known as “Rowdy,” Busch has truly lived up to the nickname. He’s one of the youngest drivers to clinch a Cup Series title, with two to his name. He’s the all-time leader in the Xfinity Series with an impressive 100-plus wins.

His aggressive style might not please everyone, but it’s made him a dominant force on the track. Busch isn’t just a fantastic driver; he’s also a successful team owner. His team, Kyle Busch Motorsports, competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and has produced several champions.

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Richard Petty

The “King” of NASCAR needs no introduction. His career spanned three decades and brought him seven Cup Series titles. Petty’s record of 200 career victories is still untouched and he remains one of the most iconic figures in motorsports.

Petty’s impact goes beyond racing – he’s made significant contributions to charity with “Victory Junction,” a camp for chronically ill children. His famous No. 43 car is as much an icon as he is.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Son of the legendary Dale Earnhardt, Junior carried on his father’s legacy with distinction. A two-time Daytona 500 winner and 15-time Most Popular Driver, Earnhardt Jr.’s connection with fans has always been unmatched.

Post-retirement, Earnhardt Jr. has become an Emmy award-nominated broadcaster for NBC, bringing his intimate understanding of the sport to a wider audience. He’s also an avid collector of vintage race cars.

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Kevin Harvick

“The Closer” is known for his ability to seal the deal during the most pressure-filled situations. Harvick is a former Cup Series champion, with over 50 career wins. His consistent performances and cool temperament make him a favorite among fans.

Off-track, Harvick is an enthusiastic philanthropist. His “Kevin Harvick Foundation” supports programs that positively enrich the lives of children across the United States.

Chase Elliott

Son of former champion Bill Elliott, Chase took home his first Cup Series title in 2020. His aggressive driving style combined with his likability off the track makes him a hit among the NASCAR crowd. Chase is just the third driver in NASCAR history to win a Cup Series Championship and the Most Popular Driver award in the same year, joining his father, Bill Elliott, and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Jeff Gordon

This four-time Cup Series champion is one of NASCAR’s brightest stars. His 93 career victories put him third on the all-time list. Gordon’s charisma and driving prowess have made him a fan favorite, even post-retirement.

Since retiring, Gordon has become a well-respected analyst for Fox NASCAR. He’s also co-owner of Hendrick Motorsports and holds an equity stake in the team.

Tony Stewart

“Smoke” is a three-time Cup Series champion and co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing. Known for his passion and fiery attitude, Stewart’s love for the sport is infectious. Stewart has a deep love for all forms of racing. Aside from NASCAR, he’s competed in IndyCar, sprint cars, and even owns a sprint car racing series.

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Joey Logano

The 2018 Cup Series Champion, Logano is loved for his assertive racing style and friendly personality off the track. A regular fixture in the playoffs, Logano consistently delivers strong performances.

Known for his generosity, Logano established the Joey Logano Foundation, which helps children and young adults during times of crisis, providing a second chance to those in need.

Martin Truex Jr.

Truex Jr. is a quiet powerhouse on the track. The 2017 Cup Series Champion and two-time Xfinity Series Champion, his determination and skill speak louder than words, making him a favorite among NASCAR enthusiasts.

Truex Jr. co-founded the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, which supports underfunded cancer initiatives. He also enjoys fishing, and participates in fishing tournaments in his spare time.

There you have it, folks. These drivers, with their unmatched skills, thrilling racing styles, and love for the sport, truly are the heart of NASCAR. These interesting tidbits help paint a fuller picture of these talented individuals, showing they’re not just champions on the track, but also champions off it.

Who are some of your favorite drivers who didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below and across social media!

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