Linda Caicedo via Federación Colombiana de Fútbol YouTube

A frightening situation occurred on the practice field Thursday when 18-year-old Columbian Linda Ciecedo, a member of the country’s World Cup squad, collapsed suddenly after grabbing her chest and struggling to breath during a training session.

Linda Caicedo via AfricaNews YouTube

Caicedo, who had beaten cancer three years ago, appeared fine earlier in the week when the Columbian Women’s Team defeated South Korea 2-0. However, something occurred which caused the scary situation on Thursday while she was running while warming up with her team.

As she collapsed on the grass, teammates almost immediately rushed to her aid while others went to go get medical staff to respond to her.

Watch the clip of Caicedo collapsing below:

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Medical staff did release a statement later saying that “Linda was very tired,” and that what happened was caused by “a symptom of all the stress and physical demands. She is well and all is back to normal.”

The phenom just being on the field is impressive, given that she had undergone surgery and chemo to defeat ovarian cancer at such a young age.

This moment caused a stir online, especially as news this week broke that NBA legend LeBron James’ son Bronny suffered from a heart attack on the court. Many have speculated as to the cause in which media outlets, such as Bounding Into Sports, have noticed a rise in the number of athletic, healthy teens and young adults have suffered from sudden arrhythmia and other cardiac issues.

Elsewhere in the world of soccer, Premier League player Lars Dendocker had to announce his retirement from the game after the 22-year-old was also diagnosed with an undisclosed heart condition.

Do you think it was just stress and fatigue that caused Caicedo to collapse? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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