Istela Nunes
Istela Nunes via @bcraw902 Twitter

UFC fighter Istela Nunes probably wasn’t sleeping to comfortably after her loss against Victoria Dudakova over the weekend, but her nasty elbow injury she sustained certainly didn’t make anything better.

Istela Nunes

Istela Nunes via @bcraw902 Twitter

The Brazilian went in confidently against Dudakova, but things immediately began to fall apart almost as soon as the fight began when Nunes dislocated her elbow before she even got a chance to really put on a show. As soon as she hit the ground, it was obvious that this fight was over.

Just take a look below and you’ll realize that this is a whole other level of pain beyond what these fighters usually expect to deal with when they step into the octagon.

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You know the moment one of these professional fighters starts to cry in the cage, that something just isn’t right.

Well, no one is calling her a wimp at all, especially after UFC president Dana White tweeted out the x-ray of Nunes’ arm, which basically shows… well, you’re gonna just need to take a look at this one because if you’ve ever been curious about what a dislocation looks like, this is a pretty solid example.

Without a doubt, this is probably one of the harshest injuries seen within the UFC in a seriously long time. Of course, male fighter Dan Hooker broke his arm recently, but you compare his light fracture to Nunes’ arm being totally out of place, and she takes the trophy for most flinch inducing injury in recent memory, hands down.

If there is a bright side for anyone in this situation, it’s Dudakova who can say she took down Nunes in 34 seconds. However, Dudakova doesn’t seem to want to brag about that much. During the painful scene, you can see her visibly worried about her opponent as refs and medical staff rushed over.

“I wanted to fight. I wanted it to be a longer fight. Unfortunately, who would have thought I could break arms without even wanting to do so,” said Dudakova during the post-fight conference. “I was ready one hundred percent. I really wanted to have a great scrap, but really I wanted to finish it in the first round. So, everything is God’s will.”

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