Chase Elliott via Motorsports on NBC YouTube

If you’re a die-hard NASCAR fan, you already know the name Chase Elliott like the back of your hand. With his youthful charisma, impressive driving skills, and undeniable dedication, Chase has already made a considerable impact on the NASCAR scene. However, there’s always more to a driver than just what we see on the track. For all you avid race fans out there, here are five facts about Chase Elliott that you might find surprising.

Source: Motorsports on NBC YouTube

Chase is Racing Royalty

It’s well-known that Chase Elliott hails from a family of racers, but did you know just how deep those roots run? His father is the Hall of Famer Bill Elliott, often referred to as “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville.” Bill was named NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver a record 16 times! While the legacy is undeniable, Chase hasn’t just ridden his father’s coattails. He’s been working hard to establish his own name and accolades in the racing world.

Chase Elliott via Motosports on NBC YouTube

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He Won His First Race at Just 13

While most of us were navigating the confusing world of middle school at 13, Chase Elliott was busy winning races. He took home the checkered flag at a Snowflake 100 event at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. His journey to the top tiers of NASCAR began at a surprisingly young age, proving that talent and determination run deep in his veins.

The Flying V Schemes

If you’re a music enthusiast, you’d be thrilled to know that Chase is a fan of the iconic rock band Van Halen. In tribute, he once showcased a car paint scheme inspired by Eddie Van Halen’s famous “Frankenstrat” guitar. It’s a subtle nod to the blend of racing and rock ‘n’ roll – showcasing Chase’s love for both high-speed thrills and iconic tunes.

Chase Elliott via Motorsports on NBC YouTube

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Philanthropic Spirit

Off the track, Chase has showcased a big heart. He set up the Chase Elliott Foundation, which aims to support children and other charitable initiatives. The foundation has been instrumental in funding research projects, supporting disaster relief efforts, and helping youth-based charities. It’s always inspiring to see sports figures using their platform for a larger good.

Dawsonville’s Unique Victory Celebration

Most towns would throw a parade to celebrate their hometown hero. Dawsonville, however, has a unique way to honor Chase’s victories. The town sounds a siren from the local pool hall every time he wins a race. It’s a tradition that started with Bill Elliott’s victories, and it continues with his son, creating a bridge between generations of racing excellence.

Chase Elliott is not just another name in the NASCAR lineup. From his early achievements to his love for rock ‘n’ roll and his philanthropic endeavors, there’s a depth to him that many might not be aware of.

Next time you’re watching a race and see the #9 car whiz by, remember – there’s a lot more to the story of Chase Elliott than just speed and asphalt.

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