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Sunday was one of the most monumental days in the young life of Olga Carmona. The Spanish soccer player would make history by scoring the winning goal in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, becoming a national hero in the process. However, just moments after the game ended, the 23-year-old learned the terrible news that her father had passed away.

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Olga Carmona scored the only goal in the World Cup final in the 29th minute of the match, lifting Spain to a 1-0 victory over England.

The female footballer did not learn about her Dad’s death until moments after she was showered in victory and praise, bringing the entire event tragically down. However, in a show of both class and respect, Carmona took to Twitter to pay her respects to her father.

“And without knowing it, I had my Star before the game started. I know that you have given me the strength to achieve something unique. I know that you have been watching me tonight and that you are proud of me. Rest in Peace Dad,” the Spanish scorer wrote after the match.

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Along with being the hero of the final Olga Carmona also served as Spain’s team captain for both the 2023 World Cup semi-final and final. She and her La Roja teammates returned to a heroic welcome to Madrid on Monday night.

According to Fox Soccer, Carmona revealed the word “Merchi” written on her undershirt when celebrating the winning goal during the game. She said it was in tribute to a friend’s mom who had recently died.

“This victory is for the mum of one of my best friends who passed away recently,” she explained after the game.

The Spanish Women’s Team has represented the country in World Cup play on three different occasions, but this is the first time they have hoisted the trophy.

Their victory at the 2023 edition of the tournament made Spain the second nation, after Germany, to have won world titles in both men’s and women’s football.

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