Dak Prescott 2022 highlights | DC4Life via YouTube

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott enters the 2023 NFL season as the anointed leader of his team, especially following the departure of former all-world running back Ezekiel Elliott. So, it’s his job to keep everyone organized and in line. Which is hard to do when one of your teammates is hurling personal insults at you during practice.

Dak Prescott | Dallas Cowboys 2023 via YouTube

At some point in the practice, Dak Prescott decided to take off on a scramble. The problem with that, is defensive players aren’t allowed to touch quarterbacks in practice so once he tucks the ball that rep is dead. Everything is supposed to stop on the QB’s call. However, that’s not quite how things went down.

Following the play, Cowboys’ cornerback Trevon Diggs yelled at his starting quarterback to show more courage and stay in the pocket.  is heard on the video saying something about Prescott’s “b***h ass”.

Dak Prescott faces a ton of scrutiny this year as he enters his eighth NFL season. He only played in 12 games last season, going 8-4 as a starter, while throwing for 2860 yards and 25 touchdowns. Unfortunately, his team is measured by Super Bowl success, and the signal-caller hasn’t come close to lifting a Lombardi Trophy yet. The Cowboys made it to the NFC Divisional Round last year but looked weak and ineffective in a 17-13 loss to the Eagles.

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For years, Dak Prescott had his running buddy Elliott with him in the backfield, but he will be flying solo in 2023. And despite being entrenched as a starter for several years now and playing at a high level, his ability to take the team to the ultimate level remains a big question mark in Big D.

So, when Diggs questioned his manhood on the practice field this week, perhaps it brought up some of those same leadership questions. Or, maybe it was just another heated moment that occurred in the middle of the in-house competition.

Diggs, a former star at Alabama who was a Cowboys second-round pick, implored Prescott to stick with the play. And in an exchange that may set the tone for Dallads’ season, he threw some gasoline, hoping to fire Dak Prescott up. Digss’ statement was captured by onlookers and quickly made its way around social media.

The Cowboys finished 12-5 in 2022. They open the season on Sunday night, Sept. 10, in New York against the Giants.

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