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Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling is still freely giving his thoughts on the game and just about everything else. The 56-year-old living legend recently evaluated Aaron Boone’s current status as manager of the New York Yankees, and what he thinks will happen next, on an episode of his provocative podcast, The Curt Schilling Baseball Show.

Curt Schilling with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001

With the Yankees playing below expectations, something’s got to give. And traditionally, in the Bronx Zoo, it’s the manager who loses his pinstripes first. Curt Schilling made a note of that on his show. The fireballing righthander has never been afraid to share his opinion, and even more so since his retirement in 2009. He weighed in on what he thinks will come out of the Aaron Boone situation in New York.

“The Red Sox swept the Yankees and are eight and one against them this year,” Schilling stated. “Aaron Boone after the game, said it all; ‘they’ve kicked our ass.’ You know what I’ll say and you heard it here first and I don’t want to be first but Aaron Boone is gonna get fired and that’s gonna suck because none of this is his fault and every player in Yankee pinstripes that and these guys know where and I promise you they care very deeply about this guy.

“He’s that kind of guy that warrants that kind of emotion. Every one of them should feel like crap. Because it’s their fault. He’s gonna get fired. Period. Then you couldn’t ask for a better, more calming influence.”

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“I guarantee you there’s no panic in his voice,” Curt Schilling continued. “But if I’m wrong… it always felt like Yankee fans wanted to see panic when they were losing. They didn’t just want to panic. They wanted the organization to panic.

“If you can’t fire the players, and firing anybody else would be meaningless to the on-field results. You got to fire the manager, the coaching staff and unfortunately, I think that we’re about to see that and that’s that sucks because it’s not his fault. And I’m telling you Yankee fans, you’re gonna regret this because he’s gonna go somewhere else and win a whole lot of games. This guy’s as good as they come as a human being.”

Aaron Boone, Yankees Manager | YESNetwork

Boone took over as Yankees manager in 2018 and has garnered a regular season record of 484-334, but he’s also posted a playoff mark of 14-17  and has never led a team to the World Series. That’s a HUGE no-no among the Bronx faithful.

Certainly, if anyone knows about what it would take to be a winner, it’s the indomitable Curt Schilling. In his career, he pitched in 19 seasons for the Orioles, Astros, Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox. He was also a three-time World Series Champion, compiling a 216-146 record, with a 3.46 ERA and 3,116 career strikeouts.

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