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The failing sports network known as ESPN has spent all their remaining energy pushing out propaganda to convince Americans that Megan Rapinoe isn’t an anti-American opportunist, but rather a proud patriot; like most of their efforts it’s a failure. This one-trick-pony show’s latest effort is a cobbled together tribute video so condescending that it actually makes you wonder whether an AI generator put it together.

Megan Rapinoe via TSN YouTube

The tribute video highlighted Rapinoe’s career and must have been put together prior to the U.S. Women’s loss to Sweden.

Let’s read that part again, “loss to Sweden.”

Not only did the hive mind at TSN, Canada’s version of ESPN (and partially owned by ESPN) which produced this video that aired on the main ESPN channel, manage to throw in every ounce of identity politics and bumper sticker talking points into the mix, but they made it so gushy for the soccer star turned ultra-liberal activist that only a bleeding-heart communist could gulp it down and beg for more of this hot mess.

Watch the video for yourself below.

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Rapinoe’s fiancee Sue Bird took time out of… well, something, (no one really cares what she’s doing anymore and we can assume she’s not doing much anyway) to narrate this love letter to the woman who got half the country to root against our own soccer team. If you don’t think it can get any cringier than a North Korean Pravda, just know that at one point the video actually says that Rapinoe knelt during the national anthem because “she loved America.”

Maybe Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is right, maybe there’s something in the water making us so stupid that a portion of the population would actually believe this.

“The people who don’t know her criticize her, but everyone who does know her loves her,” Bird says in the video. Sure, let’s go with that.

Are you part of the millions of Americans who just “don’t know” her and therefore dislike her because of the unlikable public persona she has spent a decade crafting? Let us know your bigoted views in the comments below and across social media.

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