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In a turn of events that seems almost stranger than fiction, a former Auburn football player is footing the bill for his plotting wife and her lover.

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Former Tigers long snapper Robert Shiver helped bail out his estranged wife – former cheerleader Lindsay Shiver – and her alleged accomplices after they were charged with trying to have him killed, according to local reports.

The suspects were arrested on July 21 in Abaco, Bahamas, after police uncovered their alleged scheme in WhatsApp messages on the phone of a suspected burglar at Grabbers Bar and Grill on Great Guana Cay, the outlet reported. They say that Lindsay and her lover, bartender Terrance Bethel, of conspiring with hitman Faron Newbold Jr. in their plan to do away with the former Auburn athlete.

In a shocking turn of events, the three will be out of custody soon. Lindsay is expected to be freed on $100,000 bail but must wear an ankle monitor and remain in the tourist destination, where she and her husband regularly vacation at their home with their three sons. Bethel and Newbold were each granted $20,000 bail and will also have to wear an ankle tracking device.

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In an even stranger turn of events, it was Lindsay’s estranged husband – the former Auburn footballer – who helped get them freed.

While some might view this as a case of ‘love is blind’, Robert Shiver really didn’t give any definitive answer why he bailed out his potential killers. When asked, the 38-year-old simply (and somewhat ominously) just said “No comment.”

The current legal battle between the couple was considered the obvious motive behind this charge. The pair have been actively fighting over custody of their children, a $2.5 million mansion in Thomasville, Georgia, and use of their private jet, according to court filings. Robert Shiver spent one season in the NFL – with the Atlanta Falcons.

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