Antonio Brown (81) on the sidelines with Tampa Bay | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Antonio Brown may have had lightning speed when he played wide receiver in the NFL, but the former Super Bowl Champion sure can’t seem to keep ahead of the law. He was once again issued an arrest warrant this week for failure to pay child support.

Antonio Brown celebrates with teammates in 2021 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After his controversial NFL career ended after the 2021 season, the 35-year-old hasn’t done much to keep himself out of the news. This time around, his arrest warrant has been ordered due to unpaid child support, of which Brown is now a repeat offender.

A judge ruled on Aug. 9 that he missed another child support payment to his ex-wife Wiltrice Jackson, which is going to lead to his arrest if he doesn’t pony up $15,000, according to TMZ Sports.

This isn’t the first time this has been an issue for eccentric Antonio Brown. In April, Brown had to go so far as to display a public image of payment to Florida Child Support totaling $33,260.58. It was the sum he reportedly owed Jackson previously. At that time, the issue was resolved, but it appears the former footballer has fallen behind again.

Antonio Brown child support payment screen

Antonio Brown proves he paid child support, via ab Instagram

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For most athletes, this might be a bigger story. But when it comes to the mercurial Brown? Anything is possible. In just the past year alone, he has tried his hand at being an athlete, entrepreneur, influencer, and he even launched a fledgling music career. None of them have really succeeded, and several have been comical failures.

Now with this latest court ruling, Antonio Brown can only avoid arrest if he zeroes out the balance of $15,000 owed for outstanding child support, and also cover an additional $5,000 in attorney fees. No further reports have been made available since that filing.

Antonio Brown was a seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver and won the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay in 2021. He played 12 seasons in the League, catching a total of 928 passes for 12,291 yards and 83 touchdowns, while playing primarily for Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.

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