Timothy Burroughs-Love Collapses during Game in Miami | NBC 6

A South Florida high school football player is still undergoing treatment but plans on leaving the hospital soon, according to family members. Defensive lineman Anthony Burroughs-Love collapsed on the field at Miami’s Traz Powell Stadium on Friday.

Timothy Burroughs-Love Collapses during Game in Miami | NBC 6

Burroughs-Love — who plays for American Heritage High School in Plantation, Florida — suffered a cardiac arrest on the sidelines when his team was taking on Booker T. Washington in a preseason game. He received emergency care on the field and was transported to a local medical facility.

Presently, Timothy Burroughs-Love is staying in the pediatric ICU at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where his condition is steadily improving, his godmother Danisha Rolle told NBC Miami.

Blood and oxygen not being able to get into his organs caused the seizure, according to Rolle, but doctors are trying to find out what made Burroughs-Love’s symptoms flare up in the first place. This young athlete’s situation is another example of a disturbing trend that’s been occurring with far too many other young stars in recent years.

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Anthony Burroughs-Love’s cardiac arrest harkens back to just a few weeks ago when Bronny James – the son of basketball icon Lebron James – suffered a similar emergency during a practice at the University of Southern California.

At the time, Twitter and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk even questioned whether or not James’ incident may have been triggered due to him being vaccinated during the COVID crisis. However, there is no indication of whether or not Burroughs-Love has been vaccinated or not. And his doctors cannot publicly divulge that information.

Burroughs-Love is a 6’2″, 280-pound senior who is a defensive lineman from the Ft. Lauderdale area. He has received offers from schools such as Eastern Michigan, Florida International, and Arkansas State, according to his rivals.com recruiting biography.

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