Frazer Clarke comments on Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou bout
Frazer Clarke via Seconds Out YouTube

WBC world champion Tyson Fury has made it pretty clear that he thinks his upcoming non-title fight against MMA star Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia this Fall is going to be a walk in the park, but one man who has fought both Fury and Ngannou wants to make it clear that it would be a mistake for Fury to walk into the ring underestimating his opponent.

Frazer Clarke via Seconds Out YouTube

Olympic silver medalist Frazer Clarke recently warned Fury in an interview that the Englishman needs to stay careful during his bout against “the Nigerian Nightmare,” who he believes has punching power that could potentially send Fury’s boxing reputation crashing down should he lose to someone who has never competed in professional boxing at all.

“Fury is such a big fighter and big personality, he has got the governing bodies wrapped around his little finger,” Clarke said.

Tyson Fury (L) and Deontay Wilder (R) via haNZAgod YouTube

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“He does what he wants and that is the reality of it. He is going to earn a lot of money and have a lot of eyes on him from all walks of life,” he continued. “But boxing fans see straight through it. Having said that, I wish him all the best and for God’s sake, don’t let Ngannou land a shot on your chin and put you to sleep because that would be catastrophic.”

“We all know he can punch and if you are fit and you can punch in heavyweight boxing, you have as good a chance as anyone because if you land that shot, it can be goodnight. There has been lots of talk about levels in the sport and what level he it at having never done it professionally. But he probably has more of a shot than a non-puncher at British level.”

Francis Ngannou via UFC- Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

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Fury, hasn’t been in the ring since his third victory over Derek Chisora last December. Fans were pumped for his next battle against Oleksandr Usyk, hoping for the first undisputed heavyweight title in the four-belt era. But don’t hold your breath—talks for this fight fell apart in March and haven’t resumed yet.

Tyson will be fighting the same month as his younger brother Tommy Fury, who is riding high after defeating popular YouTuber-turned-boxer earlier in the year and will be facing influencer boxer KSI in England.

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