Vince Villanueva via FOX 5 Washington DC YouTube, screenshot

Why parents decide to lose their minds over kid’s sports is a mystery to most of us, because rational people don’t go to their kid’s game prepared to go to jail for fighting coaches. Well, one Virginia man has learned the hard way that nothing happens in a void, and that beating up your son’s soccer coach will end up living forever on the internet.

Vince Villanueva via FOX 5 Washington DC YouTube, screenshot

Over the weekend, a parent in Manassas, Virginia, attacked the coach of his son’s soccer team with a hard, metal water bottle, forcing police to get involved.

Blerand Hxoha, 45, attacked Coach Vince Villanueva (who isn’t even the primary coach, he was filling in for a friend) over a disagreement over why Hxoha’s son was not getting as much time on the field as other kids. During the violent assault, Villanueva was left with a swollen face and a shiner before some off-duty police rushed to the scene and arrested Hxoha for malicious wounding, according to FOX 5 DC.

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“The father went over to talk to the son and then when I went to get him and put him back in the game, I said ‘Are you okay?’ And he said, ‘No he’s not,’ and he said, ‘Coach can I talk to you?’ And then everything went downhill from there,” Villanueva said.

Days after the attack, Villanueva is still unclear what actually sparked Hxoha to jump to violence. He did mention that emotions were probably already high since his son’s team was losing “pretty badly.”

What’s the worst incident you’ve seen between parents and staff at a youth sporting event? Tell us your wild stories in the comments below and across social media.

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