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The Super Bowl halftime show has been considered a holy grail of sorts for those in the world of music due to the incredible, worldwide exposure, but pop megastar Taylor Swift is apparently planning to sit out this year’s Big Game.

Dr. Dre performing during the LVI Halftime Show | NFL

Swift, 33, is currently in the middle of her highly-successful ‘Eras Tour’, which will encompass 146 shows across five continents and is expected to be the first concert series to gross well over $1 Billion. Consistently one of the most recognizable and searched celebrities in the world, 2023 has been her year.

So, culminating that by rocking the house with her afterglow would make a lot of sense. But apparently, there will be no reason for The Swifties to watch the Super Bowl this year. A recent report from Hits Daily Double says T-Swizzle turned down the opportunity to headline the halftime show in Las Vegas.

“Taylor Swift, who would be a logical choice given her mind-blowingly successful year, has supposedly passed,” the report states. “We don’t know if this is just spin from Swift Nation HQ and she wants a big check from the NFL rather than incurring the substantial cost of mounting the show.”

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The combination of a Taylor Swift mini-concert on live television, coinciding with the most-watched game of the year could have provided for a memorable Super Bowl moment. It doesn’t hurt she fits the pop culture, crossover appeal that the NFL craves. In other words, she’s ‘Safe for TV.”

Las Vegas is the site for Super Bowl LVIII, so it would have provided a glitzy backdrop for it all. But there’s no bad blood. And it isn’t as if she said she would never, ever be the headliner. So for now? The League will just shake it off, and find another musician from somewhere in the starlight.

Taylor Swift launched her career in the mid-200s as primarily a country music performer – before famously switching to pop music. The metamorphosis worked, as she rocketed to the top of the pop charts to become a multi-time Grammy and platinum artist. Her army of followers may be the most loyal of any current musician’s fan base.

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