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I think everyone wants to see their loved ones succeed at something, but maybe it isn’t always wise to push them to be all they can be. Case in point, a video has gone viral of a Somali runner who was selected represent her country at the FISU 2023 World University Games not only coming last in the 100-meter run, but earning the title of worst run time in the history of the 100-meter run, ever.

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As you probably guessed by the the headline alone, this was absolutely because someone put her somewhere she wasn’t supposed to nor deserved to be.

The sprinter’s (if you can even call her that) name is Nasra Ali Abukar, and her abysmal 21:81 second run time, which placed her a full ten seconds behind the 1st place winner, has caught the attention of the world for not only bringing such embarrassment to the sport, but to her entire country of Somalia.

As it would turn out, she is the niece of the Senior Vice President of the Somali Athletics Foundation, Khadijah Aden Tahir.

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Somali commentator Elham Garaad was the one who put two and two together, finally solving the mystery of how such an unqualified person managed to make it all the way to compete in this high level competition all the way in China.

“The Ministry of Youth and Sports should step down,” tweeted Garaad “It’s disheartening to witness such an incompetent government. How could they select an untrained girl to represent Somalia in running? It’s truly shocking and reflects poorly on our country internationally.”

“Corruption and Nepotism continue,” she continued in a following tweet. “In a Facebook post, Khadijah Aden Tahir, the senior vice president of the Somali Athletics Federation, sends her congratulations to her niece, the young athlete representing Somalia at the 31st Fisu World University Games in China.

“Clearly shows you that she recruited her niece to represent Somalia but failed.”

Source: EGaraad_ Twitter

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The New York Post reported that “Abukar reportedly does not have a profile on the World Athletics database or the World University Games site.”

Mohamed Barre, head of Somalia’s Ministry of Sports, has stated that he will hold everyone who allowed this to happen accountable and added that this incident was an obvious case of “abuse of power, nepotism, and defaming the name of the nation”. The first step towards rectifying this was his suspending of Khadijah Aden Tahir, according to Vice News.

Well, after this international embarrassment, it doesn’t seem like Abukar will be appearing at any sporting events of any kind anytime soon.

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