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Olivia Dunne, a true product of the social media generation, college sports enthusiasm, and an insane amount of NIL deals, has secured for herself a financial future that even most professional athletes will never get close too. Now, she thinks she’s done enough hard work flipping and twisting in the air and can move onto other things with her giant bag of money in tow.

Olivia Dunne via Hurrdat Sports YouTube, screenshot

Dunne has now made it clear in a recent interview that this will be her last time competing for the LSU gymnastics team, and that this is perhaps her final go around as a full time athlete. So now, we can all safely predict that while the Olympics might not be in her future, she certainly isn’t going to let all the viral fame she’s accrued from thirst-trapping men and doing product promotion deals aimed at young and aspiring athletes go to waste.

Despite her young age, Dunne has amassed a net worth of between $2.5 to $3.5 million, aided by the 2021 ruling permitting college athletes to sign NIL deals with brands.


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While she is known for her marketing acumen, Dunne began her journey in gymnastics, especially excelling in floor exercises and uneven bars. Despite facing several injuries, she consistently participated in the uneven bars event.

Dunne earned her spot at Louisiana State University through a full athletic scholarship. Having been involved in gymnastics since the age three, it’s still surprising to many of her fans that the LSU senior might not pursue the sport post-graduation.


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When asked about a potential Olympic bid, Dunne declined, citing physical pain from the sport, a revelation that saddened many of her hardcore supporters.

This season may be her swan song, but while her gymnastics journey might be winding down, Dunne remains committed to giving her best in what might be her final season, with fans eagerly anticipating her performance.

Don’t cry for “Livvy” though, she’ll disappear into the sunset in a luxury sports car with a designer purse, and quickly appear later in yet another Sports Illustrated piece with a year’s worth of swimsuit pics to post to Instagram.

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