ryan poles panic
Screenshot: Chicago Bears Twitter

The worst team in the NFL has nothing to fear if Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles’ recent comments are any indication of what is really going on there inside Halas Hall.

Halas Hall

Halas Hall, via Wikimedia

After the storied clubs’ 12th – yes, 12th – loss in a row and an 0-2 start, the chatter around the new Spare Bears seemed more intense than usual, with the haters circling for blood.

But there is good news, my fellow Midwesterners: the Bears’ Poles says nobody is panicking down there on Football Drive.

Addressing the media, Poles said, “To hit it straight on, we have adversity right now. Slow start, 0-2, not where you want to be. We’ve dealt with life issues, we’ve dealt with injuries and that’s all real and that’s a part of what we do and what we’ve got to deal with. The beautiful thing about our philosophy here, our organization is we’re solution-oriented. We work together to find these solutions and solve our problems to get everything back on track.”

The Bears are solution-oriented? The Chicago Bears? Like the ones in the National Football League?

Poles continued: “To make it really, really clear, I know the outside noise, but no one in our building is panicking, no one is flinching at any situations. Not our owner, not our president, not our head coach, not myself, none of our players — everyone’s focused on solving the issues that we have so that we can be a better football team.”

Perhaps it would be better if someone was flinching or panicking. The Justin Fields experiment needs a review.

The Bears have been battered for some of the swings they’ve taken in recent years, but there seems to be a hesitation to dump Fields.

Perhaps Poles should take a look at how punching bag Mitchell Trubisky did his first three years in Chicago, and stack up those stats against how Fields has performed.

If now is not the time to panic, that time might be very soon. The Bears travel to Arrowhead this week to take on the defending Champion Kansas City Chiefs.