'Brooklyn High School's head football coach resigns' | SCREENSHOT: WKYC Channel 3/YouTube

Football coach Tim McFarland of Cleveland, Ohio’s Brooklyn High School resigned on Monday after it was discovered he, his coaches, and his players repeatedly yelled “Nazi” as a play call during a Sept. 22 game. Making matters worse, the jeers were directed at members of the heavily-Jewish Beachwood High School, according to Cleveland.com.

‘Brooklyn High School’s head football coach resigns’ | SCREENSHOT: WKYC Channel 3/YouTube

Approximately 90% of the Beachwood community is Jewish. And on top of that, the terrible tactic took place on one of the holiest days in Judaism – Rosh Hashanah, recognized as the Jewish New Year, and only two days before Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement and Judaism’s holiest day of the year. Both are considered cornerstones of the faith.

Players and coaches from the Brooklyn team were allegedly using the term so aggressively, the Beachwood team threatened to leave the game.

Local reports in Cleveland spared him no shame either, referring to his behavior as “disgusting.” Beachwood Superintendent Robert Hardis responded by sending out a letter to students, parents, and faculty, shortly thereafter.

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“Antisemitic and racist speech are unacceptable in any setting,” Hardis said in his statement. “They are counter to the norms and expectations we teach our students.”

Superintendent of Brooklyn City Schools Theodore Caraleris also condemned McFarland’s actions, as well as issuing a statement on behalf of his department.

“As stated, this hurtful and harmful speech will not be tolerated, in any form, by Brooklyn City Schools leadership,” Caleris said in his statement. “While to the district’s knowledge, the language was not directed to any single individual, the Brooklyn City Schools acknowledges that using such offensive language in the first place was utterly and absolutely wrong.”

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