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As a defensive tackle, Warren Sapp never minded delivering a little bit of pain. And now? He’s delivering the truth. Straight, with no chaser, to Colin Kaepernick.

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp knows a real QB when he sees one | JSN Highlights – YouTube

The Hall of Famer turned broadcaster spoke the truth recently when he broke down former quarterback turned crybaby Colin Kaepernick, who continues to cast a shadow on the NFL.

The big man went on a rant recently about why Kap isn’t a QB anymore. And… whether people like it or not? He’s right.

As we have stated here at Bounding into Sports, no one can just walk away from the NFL for so long and just come back like that. And if you don’t believe me, just take Warren Sapp’s word for it.

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“No, it’s over,” Sapp chuckled at the idea of Kap ever being a starter in the NFL again. “I can’t ever see him throwing a pass again.”

Sapp would know. He played against some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. And he floored them. And he doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick can play in the League now.

“When you’re trash? You don’t put it on somebody’s doorstep And expect them to say, Hey! What is this trash?

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“Colin… They’re not going to let you throw the ball anymore.”

Sapp was beautifully brilliant in his breakdown of Colin Kaepernick, stating the obvious. He hasn’t been an NFL quarterback in years. And he never will be again.

Then? Sapp sealed the deal when he said, “You can’t play. It’s over.”

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