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Following its 2022 revival, the USFL wrapped up its second season this spring, while the XFL marked the conclusion of its third relaunch in May. As both leagues navigate the challenges of financial stability, Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell highlighted their crucial role in professional football’s landscape.

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“I think it’s the development to be able to play and then find this talent and bring them in and now let’s see if they can play at this level against this competition,” Campbell said.

“I think it’s huge. It’s big. Because ultimately, you can try to develop, you can do all these things, but if you can’t play the game and get reps after reps of real-time game, it’s hard to accelerate it. It’s hard. You only have three preseason games.”

He pointed to NFL veterans La’Roi Glover and Marco Rivera, both of whom enhanced their early careers with stints in NFL Europe, as examples of how such experiences can translate to success in the NFL.

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The Lions tapped into this talent pool during the offseason, bringing in players like kicker Parker Romo, an All-XFL 2023 pick, and cornerback Tae Hayes, who played for the Birmingham Stallions in 2022.

Tight ends Darrell Daniels and Daniel Helm, both with USFL experience, also joined the Lions. Campbell expressed gratitude for the extended player base these leagues provide as the NFL season approaches, calling them “invaluable.”

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The past few week was harsh for many XFL and USFL enthusiasts as they witnessed the end of numerous players’ NFL journeys due to the recent cutdown. There was some hope though as seen in former DC Defenders Punter, Daniel Whelan.

Whelan secured his position on the 53-man roster by outperforming the seasoned Pat O’Donnell, thus clinching the punting role for the Packers. However, others got some good news too; Out of the 52 players released during the weekend, 17 were reinstated into Practice Squads last week.

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