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Current Bantamweight Champion “Sugar” Sean O’Malley has been getting deluged with criticism after going on a recent media tour and bragging about sleeping with other women while still married with his wife. One of his critics is former UFC champ Vitor Belfort, who is not a fan of O’Malley’s (one sided) open relationship.

Sean O’Malley via BRADLY MARTYN’S RAW TALK CLIPS YouTube, screenshot

“The Phenom” called out O’Malley directly on X, formerly known as Twitter, and boy did he not hold back at all.

“Reading this deeply saddened me,” posted Belfort after learning how O’Malley treats his marriage. “It’s disheartening to see that many professional athletes end up with multiple ex-wives due to such behaviors.

“You serve as a negative role model for this generation,” he continued. “I genuinely hope that one day you reflect upon and change this terrible behavior. While you may be a great fighter, your actions as a father and husband are deplorable. Realize that a man who lacks respect for his wife and the mother of his children can never be a good father.”

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While the first half of his post seemed more pointedly disappointed at the young fighter than angered, he quickly turned things up a notch in a way only professional fighters can get away with.

“I would love to punch your ugly face in a boxing match. Your uncle [Dana White] will never let be possible, But all the women would purchase the pay-per-view to see the whooping I will give you.”

Vitor Belfort via UFC YouTube, screenshot

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This whole controversy happened after O’Malley’s recent victory over Aljamain Sterling. In an interview on the Raw Talk podcast, O’Malley explained that he has an open relationship with his wife, Danya, justifying his actions by stating he “pays for everything” and treats her “like a queen.”

He believes his celebrity status and financial success set him apart from societal norms, suggesting that if he were an “average Joe,” things might be different. While O’Malley mentioned his wife is not always fine with his escapades, the situation raises questions about responsibility in relationships.

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