Zach Wilson during NFL Week 3 | Jets Talk 24/7

After their brand-new quarterback got bit by the injury bug, Jets fans were ready to tear into his replacement on Sunday. Former first-round pick Zach Wilson, who has replaced injured Aaron Rodgers under center, has found that fans in New York have no appetite for what he’s brought to the table.

Zach Wilson vs. New England in Week 3 | Jets Talk 24/7

His week 3 performance against the New England Patriots certainly didn’t help the much-maligned QB’s numbers or his confidence.

Zach Wilson completed 18 of 36 passes for 157 yards while rushing once for one yard in Sunday’s 15-10 loss to the Pats. He threw for only 29 yards in the first half as the Jets took a 10-3 deficit into the locker room.

His numbers on the year leave an even more sour taste in the mouths of Jets fans. So far this season, the former prized prospect has thrown two touchdowns and five interceptions – and has an unbelievably low passer rating of just 27.0, which ranks him second to last in the league (Chicago’s Justin Fields currently holds the worst at 21.5).

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It’s been a bittersweet start for The Guys in Green, as they were expecting a potential Super Bowl run when they originally traded for four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers. They surrounded him with an array of weapons, all designed for the 39-year-old to take them to the promised land. With his injury occurring just four plays into the season, New York’s potentially potent offense was quickly defanged.

It doesn’t look like their fans want to see any more from Zach Wilson, either. It’s gotten to the point where those in attendance on Sunday were practically losing their minds… and literally losing their teeth.

Early in the second quarter, the Jets had only posted -1 net yards on offense. At that point, one fan booed Wilson so hard that he lost his dentures in the process.

Watch it below:

The question now might be, who could potentially replace the struggling signal caller for the remainder of the season?

The Jets have been reportedly contacted by representatives of free-agent QBs Carson Wentz, Colin Kaepernick, and Matt Ryan. But thus far… they haven’t taken the bite.

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