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According to an exclusive report from XFL News Hub, the Vegas Vipers might be saying “seeya!” to Sin City by the time the 2024 season comes around.

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Due to a less than stellar season and not much support from local businesses and press, the Vipers have been forced to consider whether or not to try and stick it out for another season in Las Vegas or try to start fresh (which is a habit for XFL teams it seems) elsewhere.

In 2023, the Vipers finished with a 2-8 record, placing them at the bottom of the XFL’s North Division with a -68 point differential. Following this disappointing season, the team underwent changes, parting with coach Rod Woodson and appointing Dr. Anthony Blevins as the head coach for 2024, aiming for a performance turnaround.

According to XFL New Hub’s reporter Mike Mitchell, “The team is now scouting new locations. Nashville, Tennessee, and Tempe, Arizona, are on the shortlist. A possible venue is Arizona State University’s stadium. These areas might offer a stronger fan base and a fresh start.”

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Vegas had a promising start in most of their games during the 2023 season, leading or tied at halftime in seven out of ten matches, indicating potential for playoff contention.

Despite their 2-8 season record, they maintained average performance in most offensive and defensive metrics. Their season was marred by bad coaching decisions, untimely turnovers, and challenging weather conditions, affecting their final standing. However, Vegas remained competitive, notably in weeks eight and nine, closely contesting against playoff-contending teams, such as the Orlando Guardians.

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The Vipers’ strategy of banking on prominent NFL veterans however ultimately backfired, with players like Martavis Bryant, Geronimo Allison, Vic Beasley, and Brett Hundley underperforming. Hundley even lost his starting position to Jalan McClendon by season’s end.

Their offensive coordinator, Duane Taylor, was dismissed by week three, with Ray Sherman taking over, but the offense barely improved.

The team struggled in the second half of games, being outscored 160-90. It also didn’t help that their home ground, Cashman Field, was widely seen as the “worst field in the XFL” to add insult to injury.

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