Aaron Rodgers, speaking with the media | ThePLfog/YouTube

Injured Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been a regular and raucous host on The Pat McAfee Show for years. Anytime he drops by for an appearance on the former NFL punter’s wildly successful show, he always says something that makes headlines. Be it funny, informative, or controversial, the four-time NFL MVP makes any segment he appears in, a ‘must-watch event’. He did the same thing once again on Tuesday when he tore into Dr. Anthony Fauci for his advocacy of COVID-19 vaccines and immunization, in general.

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers | SCREENSHOT: Uncle Pecos/YouTube

Rodgers, 39, may be out of action for now on the football field, but he’s been a regular in terms of sharing his views on society, and the COVID-19 vaccine is certainly one of the topics he often broaches. He’s openly questioned the science that purports to prove the drug’s effectiveness, and he’s never been afraid to fire shots at Fauci. He did so again during this appearance, appearing to openly question President Joe Biden’s former Chief Medical Adviser’s credibility on the matter.

“If science is Dr. Fauci, you’re damn right I’m defying science,” Rodgers said.

Just last week, while appearing on McAfee’s program, Rodgers challenged Fauci and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to a debate over the vaccines. He offered to team up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has also been an outspoken critic of the treatment. Meanwhile, Kelce has been an advocate and spokesman for the pharmaceutical company, Pzifer, and ‘the shot’.

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There have been some in the media who have questioned whether or not ESPN would ‘blackout’ some of the future appearances for Aaron Rodgers, for them either being too controversial or – even worse – a potential, financial liability.

Fox News was slapped with a huge lawsuit over comments made by their guests regarding Dominion voting systems – one that ultimately cost them $787 billion. It stemmed from comments made by their on-air guests that were later ruled as defamatory. The Worldwide Leader in Sports could consider that, regarding having Rodgers show up on their airwaves again. And even then? There may have to be some guardrails established.

Vaccines and Fauci weren’t the only things that Aaron Rodgers discussed with Pat McAfee and crew. He also talked about how his rapid recovery from a ruptured Achilles Tendon is defying logic, as he works to make an unbelievable return by the end of this season. It’s coming along quite nicely, according to the QB, so maybe he really does know a little something about medicine and healing, after all.


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