Robert Kraft on a recent edition if CNBC's 'Squawk Box' | SCREENSHOT: CNBC Television/YouTube

In a recent sit-down interview with the CNBC show ‘Squawk Box’, New England Patriot owner Robert Kraft discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict and let loose with harsh criticism of the Middle Eastern attackers. He also went all in on Americans who have attempted to justify the unexpected assault that now has the region on the brink of war.

Robert Kraft hoists one of the Patriots’ six Lombardi Trophies | SCREENSHOT: Jilly Osterman/YouTube

Kraft, who has owned the Patriots since 1994, was incredibly critical of Hamas. But his most telling jabs were aimed at advocates for Hama in the United States. Since the senseless attacks occurred, some groups and organizations have loosely tried to justify the actions of the attackers. and in many cases, they either blame (or implicate) America as being involved somehow.

The Pats’ owner wasn’t hearing any of that, and he gladly called it out.

“It’s horrible to me that a group like Hamas can be respected and people in the United States of America can be carrying flags or supporting them when they are preaching hate and destruction of the people,” Kraft said during his appearance on ‘Squawk Box.’

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“We have to fight hate in this country, and part of it is the education,” Kraft concluded. “Do people know that Hamas is preaching the eradication of all Jewish people from the Earth?”

Despite his image as a stuffy, wealthy NFL owner (which he is), Robert Kraft is also a noted philanthropist. So his passion for an issue as sensitive as the Israel attack is nothing new. He’s known for throwing huge support to causes that he feels are important.

For example, Robert Kraft and his family’s foundation once donated $50 million to Massachusetts General Hospital. However, as of now, it isn’t clear if he has provided supplies or financial aid to those affected by the Hamas attacks in Israel.


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