Colorado head coach Deion Sanders | SCREENSHOT: 60 Minutes/YouTube

Fox Sports broadcaster Tim Brando says the language by many news outlets used to describe the University of Colorado football team is “appealing to the lowest common denominator”. New head coach Deion Sanders has attracted a lot of attention, thanks to his Hall of Fame resume and brash persona. However, Brando feels that the way it’s all being handled by the media is culturally inappropriate.

Deion Sanders | SCREENSHOT: 60 Minutes/YouTube

Brando says that Deion Sanders’ contributions as a leader have been minimized due to his stature and the fact that the Buffs have been called ‘Black America’s Team‘ by some awkwardly aggressive analysts. The longtime commentator feels that Coach Prime has an opportunity to build a powerhouse in Boulder and that he could blossom into one of the game’s true greats under the headset.

“Those that want to make this and have been appealing to the lowest common denominator in media and just making it about race are completely missing the point. Seventy-five percent of the players that are in college football are Black,” Brando said.

“The fact that there are Black coaches, Black head coaches, that was a battleground conversation with the Black Head Coaches Association years ago, which I’m happy to say Spencer Tillman and I were on the forefront of, and we’re talking about it for years while we were at CBS.” Tim Brando then tried to put it all in a very concise and simple perspective.

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“Deion’s doing this … and to say that Colorado is certainly Black America’s team – that was on four or five different websites that you would figure it might be on, politically slanted, but then you saw a few sports websites go in that direction, too, legitimate websites – and I think that’s appealing to the lowest common denominator.

“To make it about race is to, in my opinion, gloss over this amazing, historic run that Deion has had,” Brando concluded. “And regardless of the outcome of the games both at Oregon and the loss at home to USC … he’s already won. I mean, he has. They are still the most talked-about team in America.”

Brando makes valid points, as Deion Sanders has shown that he’s more than just a former star with a knack for recruiting. His leadership has the Buffaloes off to a 2-2 start against one of the toughest early-season schedules imaginable. They just lost a close one to #9 USC, 48-41. The take on the Arizona State Sun Devils in Tempe on Saturday.

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