Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman | SCREENSHOT: Dan Patrick Show/YouTube

They say all that glitters is not gold. That’s a lesson that the public is learning about Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman’s new girlfriend after a somewhat disturbing story from her past has recently surfaced.

Troy Aikman on the sidelines with the Cowboys | SCREENSHOT: Mark Cleveland/YouTube

Now the lead analyst for Monday Night Football, the 56-year-old Troy Aikman is currently dating Haley Clark, 34. It’s a relationship that has some questioning number 8’s judgment, but not because of their age difference. It has more to do with stories about Clark’s past.

Aikman’s new squeeze was once banned from Nordstrom Jewelers for allegedly stealing almost $4,000 worth of merchandise. This stems from the retailer’s belief that Clark – then a store employee for Nordstrom – was violating company policy by extending her employee discount to family and friends. Which, by all rights, can be considered fraud – if the allegations were true. Reportedly, as part of a settlement, she couldn’t enter one of the retail chain’s outlets for a period of two years.

Nordstrom accused Haley Clark of wrongfully using the store’s employee privileges and rewards program — to the tune of $3,924.44 in unearned store credit and discounts. She denied the claims, but she later agreed to accept the two-year ban to avoid any criminal charges.

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Clark was terminated by Nordstrom in 2018, suing for $200,000 in damages. “Plaintiff alleges that she was detained in a deliberately intimidating environment for the purpose of being coerced into signing various documents, including one purporting to be a promissory note evidencing a debt to Nordstrom,” Clark’s lawyers stated in their filing.

Despite the purported facts of this case, Clark has had no other legal or financial entanglements since, and it doesn’t appear that this story has affected her and Troy Aikman’s relationship. The pair went public with their relationship in June of this year, shortly before his divorce from his second wife

Still? It’s an odd story to have pop up from someone’s past. Perhaps if Troy Aikman wants to continue dating Ms. Clark, it would be wise for him to make sure his Super Bowl rings are stored in a secure area… just in case. Because after all? they do have an awful lot of bling in them…


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