Paige Spiranac via Paige Spiranac YouTube, screenshot

The maven of the golf course and social media, Paige Spiranac, is once again sharing with us average golfers how to actually hit (and hit accurately) one of the toughest shots you can face out on the links.

Paige Spiranac via Paige Spiranac YouTube, screenshot

Spiranac’s newest instructional posted to her TikTok account breaks down and demonstrates how to handle a nightmare you’ve probably faced at some point – dealing with a ball sunk deep into the rough.

“The first thing you want to do is put the ball a little bit back in your stance,” Spiranac explains. “Choke down slightly for control, and then swing as hard as you can, down at the back of the ball.

“Really, it’s kind of a hit and hope, but hit it hard.”

“Hit and hope” is my name on the golf course, so this advice hits right at home with yours truly.


Hit and hope it works out lol swing hard and power it out

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It’s funny, during a recent 18 hole outing four friends of mine, all gathered for a mutual friend’s wedding, joked as to why we were watching Spiranac’s content in the first place (don’t think too hard, gents). However, her golf instructional videos on TikTok and Instagram are actually taken seriously by avid golfers for more reasons than her natural beauty and grace on the green.

For one, her recent TikTok regarding what to do with ball marks on the green came in handy when one of us made the green look like a bombing run took place.

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“I see a ton of these left on the green,” Spiranac details in this video. “There’s no excuse for that. So here is the proper way. You don’t want to dig in and then pull up. That actually kills the grass.

“So you’re going to go around your entire ball mark with your tee or divot repair and push it to the ball mark,” she added. As she also demonstrates, where you hide your tee afterwards is a question of style.

Paige, my friends and everyone who had to share the course with us on that day thank you for your service.

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