Mike Tyson KO'd in the 10th round against Buster Douglas via ESPN YouTube, screenshot

Boxing’s not just about the heavy hits and the flashy footwork; it’s about those wild moments that leave fans totally gobsmacked. I’m talking about those times when the underdog came out of nowhere and turned the boxing world upside down. Let’s roll through ten of the most shockingly awesome upsets the boxing ring has ever seen!

Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas via ESPN YouTube, screenshot

Buster Douglas KO’s Mike Tyson, 1990

Picture this: Mike Tyson, the undisputed, undefeated heavyweight monster of the ring. Along comes Buster Douglas, a 42-1 long shot. What happens next? A knockout punch in the 10th round that rocked the world! Douglas’s win goes down in history as the upset of the century.

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) vs. Sonny Liston, 1964

Before he became Muhammad Ali, Clay was the loudmouth underdog nobody took seriously. But boy, did he show the world by whooping Liston and then shaking up the headlines by announcing his joining of the Nation of Islam.

Hasim Rahman floors Lennox Lewis, 2001

Lewis, reigning heavyweight champ and the guy everyone expected to breeze through. Enter Rahman with a dynamite right hand in round five, and bam! New heavyweight champ on the block.

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Evander Holyfield vs. James “Buster” Douglas, 1991

Fresh off his Tyson triumph, Douglas was the man to beat. But Holyfield had other plans, sending Douglas to the canvas in just the third round. Talk about a reality check!

Antonio Tarver stuns Roy Jones Jr., 2004

Roy Jones Jr., the pound-for-pound king, got a royal shock when Tarver knocked him out in round two. The boxing world’s jaws? Dropped.

Frankie Randall dethrones Julio César Chávez, 1994

Chávez, undefeated in 90 fights, was boxing royalty. Frankie Randall? He didn’t get that memo and scored a split decision to hand Chávez his first-ever loss. Legendary stuff!

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Randall “Tex” Cobb vs. Leon Spinks, 1982

Against Olympic champ Spinks, Cobb, the guy more renowned for toughness than finesse, pulled off a unanimous decision win. A real Cinderella story!

Ageless George Foreman vs. Michael Moorer, 1994

Foreman, 45, turned back the clock to knock out 26-year-old Moorer, reclaiming the heavyweight title two decades after losing it. Oldest heavyweight champ ever? Big George!

Corrie Sanders topples Wladimir Klitschko, 2003

Sanders, an overlooked southpaw, didn’t just beat Klitschko; he reshuffled the entire heavyweight deck by stopping him in the second round.

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Roberto Durán outpoints Sugar Ray Leonard, 1980

Leonard, fast and skilled, was the bettor’s favorite. But Durán, the supposed smaller, simpler fighter, danced to a 15-round unanimous decision. Pure boxing artistry!

These upsets aren’t just wins and losses; they’re reminders of the raw, unpredictable thrill of boxing. They show that in the ring, fortunes can turn on a dime – or in this case, on a lightning-fast left hook! Catch you next time, when we dive into more of the wildest stories from the wide world of sports!

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