Andrew Tate via Candace Owens Podcast YouTube, screenshot

Controversial social media figure and former kickboxing world champion Andrew Tate has laid out his vision for how the city of London, England, can end their pandemic of knife-related killings after 15-year-old girl Elianne Andam was stabbed to death in September.

Andrew Tate via Paris Demers YouTube, screenshot

A fired-up Tate didn’t hold back his thoughts on what should be done with the stabbers.

“If I was in charge of this country, if you got caught stabbing someone to death in broad daylight in London, your a** would be hung from Tower Bridge by your f***ing neck,” Tate said while filming himself driving one of his sports cars somewhere in Romania.

“BBC1 would broadcast it,” he continued. “We’d zoom in close up to your face as you cried your eyes out as you sniveled like a little b****. Think you’re a f***ing tough guy, see how tough you are when you’re about to get f***ing hung in public. And all those wanna be gangsters can watch you f***ing cry your eyes out as you march your stupid a** up there and get hung like a piece of shit.”

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The accused killer is a 17-year-old male who has been charged with the murder of Andam as well as possessing a kitchen knife in public without justification.

Andam was tragically stabbed to death at a Croydon bus stop on her way to school. The accused, whose identity remains protected due to his age, made no plea indication when he appeared in Croydon Magistrates’ Court and was remanded to youth detention according to the BBC.

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Tate added that the body of the hypothetical stabber should be left to hang from the bridge for at least two weeks to decompose and send a message to anyone who would consider committing such a heinous crime again.

“You wanna walk around and take lives from people, I will take your life, publicly right there on the f***ing news for everyone to see… and I guarantee that’ll make these little f***s think twice, cause right now they don’t think twice about taking someone’s life.” He also criticized the British judicial system, which he blames for the rise in violent crime due to their soft-on-crime approach.

“I would fix this sh*t instantly. There would be the corpses of these f***ers hanging from the bridge, and I guarantee after the first four or five are hung, after the first four or five have cried their eyes out on TV, the rest of these little p*****s will think twice.”

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Knife crime in England has become such a widespread problem, it’s even turned into a internet meme and stereotype, depicting London as being swarmed with criminals threatening to stab people.

Last year Tyson Fury, the two-time world heavyweight champion, called for stricter sentencing against knife crime in the UK after his cousin, Rico Burton, was fatally stabbed. On his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Fury expressed his grief and frustration over the rising knife crime incidents. 31-year-old Burton and a 17-year-old were both injured in a bar altercation; Burton later succumbed to his injuries.

Despite the UK having strict laws and restrictions on knives, knife-related crimes have increased, with a 10% rise recorded in England and Wales over the past year. A 2020 government initiative aimed at addressing the surge in knife crimes had limited success, partly due to the police’s focus shifting to enforcing Covid-19 regulations.

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