Jalen Hurts | SCREENSHOT: MrLegend/YouTube

There’s a Superman under center in Philadelphia— and his name is Jalen Hurts

If you need any indication of who the most valuable leader in the NFL is today? Jalen Hurts might have displayed it on Sunday.

Jalen Hurts | SCREENSHOT: Batemanfl/youtube

The Eagles are now 8-1 and in first place in the tough NFC East following their 28-23 victory this weekend over the Cowboys. In what was another classic slugfest, Philly flexed their strength against their longtime rivals. And it’s because they have one of the toughest and most talented competitors in pro football under center right now.

Jalen Hurts, 25, has emerged as a force as he commands one of the most lethal offenses in The League today. They can beat you through the sky and the ground, and much of the reason is because of the versatility that Hurts brings.

The young QB has always been a multi-talented threat. But in recent weeks, his performance has helped eclipse even Patrick Mahomes as the most lethal force in The League this season.

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are now 8-1 | SCREENSHOT: Batemanfl/youtube

On Sunday, Hurts threw two touchdowns and ran for another. He also was sacked three times and came back from a banged-up knee in the second quarter. And while he didn’t rack up huge numbers, he continues to write his resume as the potential NFL MVP.

With Jalen Hurts, it may come down to intangibles instead of numbers. While gunslingers around the league rack up huge aerial stats, Hurts is considered ‘valuable’ because of much more than your traditional passers.

It’s a long season, and he has made some unforced errors earlier in the year. Entering the week, he had thrown the third-highest number of interceptions in the NFL. That’s also likely factored into the aggressiveness of the Eagles’ offense, and the fact that he is often asked to make plays that aren’t normally considered possible.

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After finishing second in the balloting last season to perennial poster boy Patrick Mahomes, it almost seems like it’s Hurts’ turn this year. In fact, many around the game felt he should have won. The two met in the Super Bowl, with Mahomes and the Chiefs capturing another Lombardi Trophy.

That’s a pair of accolades that Hurts seems destined to also achieve at some point, and it might as well be now. If he and the Eagles are playing like this come playoff time? Jalen Hurts could very well be holding all that hardware by the time it’s all over.

If being the best player on the best team is considered the league’s ‘most valuable’ player, then there’s no one more valuable than Jalen Hurts right now.

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