Bubba Wallace
NASCAR star Bubba Wallace | SCREENSHOT: NASCAR on FOX/youtube

Bubba Wallace had a pretty good year on the NASCAR circuit, but he’s apparently taking his finish in 2023 a little too hard

Bubba Wallace and his #6 team had high hopes coming into the 2023 NASCAR season, and while they didn’t pull off a Cup victory, they had a successful run overall. He finished tenth in the points standings (his best ever) and had ten top-10 finishes on the year.

Bubba Wallace signing autographs | SCREENSHOT: WETM 18 News/youtube

Despite some dynamic driving, it wasn’t enough for the 30-year-old Wallace, who has been one of the circuit’s most polarizing figures since his debut just a few years ago. As the sport’s most prominent African-American driver, he’s under a huge microscope – both positive and negative.

So perhaps it’s that type of pressure that Bubba Wallace is feeling as he looks back on the season.

He obviously thought that he should have been in contention for the Championship until the very last race. Instead, Ryan Blaney and his No. 12 Ford Mustang raced to the ultimate winner’s circle and The 2023 Cup.

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Bubba Wallace took to social media to lament the way things went this year, and he hinted at his hunger to improve in 2024.

In what seemed to be a somewhat odd social media post on Instagram, the driver seemed to be almost downtrodden by his performance. It had fans reacting with everything from mocking laughter to genuine concern.

“To my peeps out there staring at a blank wall, I’m with you,” Bubba Wallace wrote. “Tomorrow is another day. Another opportunity. Keep after it.”

“5-hour plane ride back and I rode in silence,” the post concluded.

Wallace should look at things in a more positive manner. The young star has already been a groundbreaker in a sport that traditionally didn’t feature drivers who looked like him.

Also, he’s earning a reported $2.2 million a year on the track, with plenty of endorsements to go along with it. So if it was a long plane ride home for Bubba Wallace? At least it was a first-class ride.


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