Buffalo Bills pre-game | SCREENSHOT: Xzy Jam/youtube

A bettor lost two separate one-million-dollar bets during the Buffalo Bills vs. Denver Broncos game on Sunday

With a team that has four straight Super Bowl losses in the history of their franchise, you would think that most gamblers would be too superstitious to place too many big wagers on the Buffalo Bills. Lovable losers may get some respect, but very little actual reward comes along with that.

The Buffalo Bills during Week 1 | SCREENSHOT: Xzy Jam/youtube

The Bills came into the game as 7.5-point favorites over the Denver Broncos, who have had a tough season under new head coach Sean Payton. Even still, Buffalo found a way to shoot themselves in the foot.

In that same vein, it was the foot of Broncos kicker Will Lutz that ultimately doomed Josh Allen and his squad. The Bills now sit at 5-5 on the season, but it was more how they got there that was the story of the game.

The Bills had apparently won the game when Lutz missed his initial attempt at a game-winner. However, just as the Boys from Upstate New York were beginning to celebrate, there was a flag on the field for too many men on the defense. That 12th man meant an extra shot for Lutz, who nailed his fourth field goal of the night to seal the win for Denver.

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However, before it got down to all that nail-biting, one anonymous wagerer had already gone down in flames by halftime… losing two separate bets of $1 million apiece!

The two wagers – placed through Hard Rock sportsbook – were a $1 million wager that the Bills would be leading by 2, and the other that they would be leading by 5 points by the end of the second quarter.

Neither scenario panned out, and the Buffalo gambler was busted by the break. No word if he bothered to stick around to even watch the second half.


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