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According to the internet, every woman you see on the street has an OnlyFans page now, putting “you know what” out into the world for $5 a month. Sadly for former NBA player Joe Smith, he had to learn the hard way that his wife is showing a lot of herself to a lot of strangers online.

Kisha Chavis via Daily Loud on X, screenshot

Smith’s wife is Kisha Chavis, who for context, already had an interesting past – she’s very public about having worked as an actual pornstar. Does this mean she had carte blanche to do whatever she wanted for money? Well, none of us can really understand this married couple’s dynamic, but by the way Smith reacted when he learned that Kisha had a fully running pornographic OnlyFans account up and making money, he was far from happy to discover this.

“Just finding out you got an OnlyFans page all these years,” Smith can be heard saying in a video uploaded to social media by his wife who is seen filming.

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“That’s bullish*t, ” says Smith. “That’s f*cked up, Kish. I’m telling you, that’s f*cked up.”

While Smith appears very visibly upset, Kisha is seen giggling mockingly, as if this discovery barely upsets her at all. From there, she outright owns it, pointing to him as the reason she was reduced to putting up x-rated content online so they could pay the bills.

“You knew who the f*ck I was when you met me. I thought I would never have to go back to anything like this again. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case right now.”

She tries to defend her decisions by at least attempting to assure him she’s not “creating content” with anyone, as if that was going to help smooth things over.

You know what they say fellas, about garden implements and housewives. Pick better partners people, regardless of gender, because you don’t want to be a famous, rich athlete just to go and marry someone who will take photos of their privates for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription.

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