NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin Tirade About ‘F**king Piece Of Sh*t’ Joey Logano Is A Meltdown For The Ages

Denny Hamlin at 2023 XFINITY 500 NASCAR Cup Series Martinsville via NASCAR YouTube, screenshot

NASCAR star Denny Hamlin is letting his unfiltered thoughts about fellow driver Joey Logano hang out where everyone can hear them. Hamlin really didn’t hold back, passionately referring to Logano as a “f**king piece of sh*t human” after causing a huge pile-up during the playoff race at Martinsville over the weekend.

NASCAR Xfinity race at Martinsville turns into pile-up, brings out red flag | Motorsports on NBC YouTube, screenshot

During the race on Sunday, October 29, Denny Hamlin, who was seventh in the playoff standings, faced a potential elimination and saw the race as a crucial “must-win”.

His hopes were dashed when an incident involving Ty Gibbs and Joey Logano on Lap 273 of Stage 3 led to a multi-car collision. Frustrated, Hamlin openly criticized Logano in a heated outburst.

“F*cking Joey,” said Hamlin, “he’s a f*cking piece of shit human.”

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Wow Denny, tell us how you really feel why d’oncha.

“F*cking 12 tried to brake me down the backstretch. [Ryan Blaney] got the 24 by the balls, so if he wants to play games.”

After failing to make the Top 4 in the standings, Denny Hamlin reflected on his performance, noting that a mechanical failure in Homestead, particularly with the power steering, significantly impacted his chance to advance in the playoffs.

Despite finishing third among Toyota cars in Martinsville, Hamlin expressed pride in his team’s effort and their strong performance when it was most needed.

Looking forward, he expressed eagerness to compete in the next race, affirming his passion and belief in his ability to win each week.

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